Momming and Studying

There’s nothing like being a student – as many people know.  There is also nothing like being a mother – as many other people know.  Being a student while being a mother is an entirely different phenomenon.  I have been slowly learning over the past year how to be a good student while being a good mom.  The thing that has helped me the most?  A good partner, who is also a good dad.

I am often asked how I do it – and I must say I’m not entirely sure, except I know that God has a hand in helping me make it through day to day challenges.  My son is a joy, but he is also a toddler, and every once in awhile he makes a giant mess of something – and my patience is tested, especially if I have anything coming up in regards to school work.

For example, the week before finals, my son came into my bedroom with something I didn’t recognize until too late – an open bag of powdered sugar.  He proceeded to shake the entire bag out onto the floor.  I have never experienced air that smelled and tasted sweet until that day – however, the mess left behind left little room for enjoying the new sensation.  I called for my husband to help – when he saw the mess, he left immediately (to avoid our son seeing his laughter.)    After it was clean, it was a cute story, but all I could think at the time was, I don’t have any spare time to clean him, clean the room, and get my final preparation complete.
After the initial upset, I was able to get things taken care of, and a sweet reassuring smile helped me remember that this is what God’s creation looks like when it’s learning the ins and outs of life.  I hope he remembers in the future that powdered sugar belongs in tasty treats – not all over the floor and ourselves!

My son, after emptying the bag of powdered sugar in my bedroom.

Sometimes I feel guilty about not devoting enough time to being studios, especially seeing other people devoting a lot more time to homework than I am – but I must admit I’ve always been a bit of a lazy student, and my son has helped give me reason to take breaks – to play, to clean, and of course, to eat!

Proverbs 19:11 speaks directly to this:

A person’s wisdom yields patience;
it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.

God overlooks my offenses often, making it important, even if not always easy, for me to overlook mishaps caused by loved ones, and to remember the joy of their presence in my life.

Blessings to all this beautiful day – and remember, those things you cannot change are best dealt with patience and understanding.


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