After a somewhat blah day yesterday, I am happy to report I’ve been renewed with excitement by my Worship class!

We talked today about baptism – kind of a hands on, how to for us ministers in training, and rather than just following the standard procedure, the professor talked about some very unique experiences of his parishioners and his family that have inspired me to try something new and different with our second son’s baptism.

Our first son was baptized by his grandfather.  This was a unique and blessed event for him and will provide a great story to be told when he is older.  However, we won’t be able to make the journey this time for a few reasons – it’s over a 10 hour drive, and my father-in-law is retiring from his church, so it’s a little sad for my husband.


I’m excited to have this child baptized in our current church – we have been active members, and we love the leadership, members, music program, everything really.  I’ve even been volunteering there during the year as part of my education, and have been accepted into the church as a summer intern working with the youth program director.

Even with these personal connections to this, the first church we were members as a couple, and as a family, I was hoping to give this little man something special to say about his baptism.  I think I’ve found that in hearing of the stories in our class.

The idea of possible immersion, or even baptizing baby before he is dressed, as it’s part of the ceremony in our book to be dressed in the baptismal clothes after the “washing” – which I think would be a fantastic visual ceremony, especially if my mother, who will make his baptismal suit, is there to help dress him after he’s baptized.  They also mentioned having all the children come forward to watch up close – and I LOVE the idea of the excitement it could bring to other kids!

These ideas of course will depend what my husband thinks, and of course what our pastors might think – but I’m feeling very refreshed by this discussion, and am encouraged to make this event something that is uniquely my second son’s experience, and beautiful as the actual sacrament itself.


3 thoughts on “Baptism

  1. The very first church that Karl and I were members of after we wed, did the full infant baptism and had everyone go around the baptismal font, but especially the little children were to be upfront. I loved the idea! I hope you are blessed to have such an event.

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