I find myself lacking patience these days.  It is no surprise, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, hormonal, heavy, exhausted, and at this time of the year, hot and cranky!  I normally have a hard time with patience, but as I’ve grown into adulthood I’ve become much better about trying to understand other’s points of view, which helps me to achieve patience and understanding.

I notice that many people share my lack of patience.  I have been giving many accusatory, unhealthy answers about this in my head, such as, what have you got to be upset about, I’m pregnant!  In the calm, cool comfort of my home on my couch I can take a little more time to think, perhaps they have a reason as good as mine – bad knees, a family member sick or in trouble, or just overworked and underpaid.  Whatever your reason, dear neighbor, I ask God to hold you closely as you go through life, and I ask that you do your best to know that I’m only sneering because of hormones…:D


One thought on “Patience

  1. Recognizing the problem is the biggest step in the cure. Forgive yourself for today and resolve to try to do better tomorrow. This from the woman who probably passed on this lack of patience to you. Sorry about that!

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