I smell the new baby

When Royce was born, there were certain smells that came with it – some not so pleasant, and some of them that would be awful if it didn’t mean you had a new baby with you.

One of those smells is milk – I have been receiving formula samples and I can smell the milk – formula, breast milk, all of it – I’m not sure if they are really smell-able or if my senses are ultra hyped in anticipation of the new baby!

ImageOf course, the big difference this time is the big brother we have hanging out with us – how will he react to his new brother – and will I be able to keep myself from losing it while taking care of both a new baby and my rambunctious toddler?  I’m sure there will be moments I think I’m going to lose my mind – but I have faith that the good Lord will help me through those (Hopefully brief) times of angst and remind me how wonderful both boys are.

I’m trying to plan what work and fall class schedule will look like with two children that would need to be in daycare to do those sorts of things – with a student as one of the adults who should be earning, we are always tight budget wise – so I feel compelled to work.  But I also feel compelled to take a full course load this fall…and to take care of my children to the best of my abilities without letting a care-giver do all the work.  Is quite the conundrum and I’m praying daily for clarity when making these decisions.

Thursday is the last day of my internship this summer – I’m sad to say goodbye to my first official church job, but am glad there will be some time to work ahead on homework for the fall.  This summer has flown by – full of blessings and excitement, and as sad as I am to see it coming to a close, I’m so excited for the arrival of our new family member and the excitement all our upcoming events promise to bring.

I hope everyone is rounding out their summer feeling like it was a wonderful and worthwhile one, and I’m looking forward to hearing how my friends and loved ones have been spending their time!!


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