Lullaby to the unborn…

Rock a by, baby

in my tum tum

I know you’re not ready

but I wish you’d come

brother is ready,

mom and dad too

to announce your birthday

and to meet you!


Disappearing Nap…

Before last week, Royce had been in the habit after lunch of saying, “Ni ni?” getting his cup of milk and taking himself upstairs and promptly going down for a nap.  It was magical – I was so proud of my big boy!  This lovely phase was incredibly short-lived.

My good boy on the stairs with a blanket!

This past week, even though when I asked if it was time for ni-ni he would walk himself up the stairs, he wouldn’t sleep.  He refused.  I heard the destruction that was going on in his room – climbing the changing table shelves, tearing open his drawers and throwing clothes all over, stuffed animal explosion, and destroying anything not nailed down.

I vacillated between going upstairs and telling him, “nap time, we sleep now” putting him back into bed and leaving without talking much, or just leaving him – in the past, he wouldn’t spend much time running like a crazy man before putting himself back into bed and sleeping.  Nothing worked – he refused to fall asleep.  He ran wild until 4, and around then he was finally exhausted enough to think about napping – meaning he wouldn’t wake up till 7, and then be cranky for a few hours before finally going to bed around 9 or later.

I wondered if he was getting enough sleep – he is at an age where he should still have an afternoon nap, and it would really help me out if he still napped, so I could be assured of some respite with baby was here.  But even though he wasn’t headed to bed until 9 or later, he was up by 7.  That’s 10 hours – not nearly enough – he needs at least 12, perhaps 14 according to books I’ve been reading.  Not to mention getting up at 7 when I have nothing going on for the day was like asking me to put a fork in my eye – I really don’t wanna!

Yesterday, we got our answer about whether or not he’s getting enough sleep – and upon reflection we had the same info all along.  We tried waiting to nap him until a little later – and he spent an hour running around.  Marty had to go upstairs to get something, and let him out.  He came downstairs a cranky pants – he’s been a lot crankier than he normally is the last few weeks – but yesterday it was a FULL blown fit!  We decided that meant we needed to get him to sleep!  It was 5, and he went down with little argument (after a tantrum that included trying to smack mom in the face!).  He slept and slept – and Marty and I debated whether we’d let him sleep all night or get him up.  We let him sleep.  He woke up at 11 for only a cup of milk and fresh diaper, and wasn’t up again until after 7am.  Today he’s a sunshiny boy like we remember!!

Now comes the tricky part – will he nap today at the normal time?  We start daycare on Tuesday – and he’ll be there for nap time – will he nap for her??  Will he continue to nap well once brother shows up, or is it going to fall apart at that time again?  We’ll try our hardest to get him to nap well, and be confident that he still needs it!

Anyone else had the issue of a kid who is tired and NEEDS sleep, but just won’t?  What recommendations do you have?