Day of the Turduckin

My brother and sister-in-law, Peter & Kristal, have been the most hospitable hosts, next to a few Grandma Fauth’s in my life.  We arrived, greeted by their excited faces at the airport, immediately grabbing children to snuggle, and having rented an extra car to accommodate the size of our small (so we thought!) family.  They’ve carted us many places, including home from the airport and the city of Galveston.

Their home is beautiful, in a lovely suburb of Houston.  They have plenty of space to give us our own room, and have a room for Royce.  We have been excellently fed since we walked in the door, and have been supplied with any items we were unable to bring because we couldn’t pack too heavily.  There are even toys – and safety equipment galore – all in preparation for a little toddler.

Silliness abounds, which I expect and enjoy when Peter and Marty are together.  The high pitched Lemke giggles are something I wonder if my boys will have someday when they are wrestling with their giantly tall bodies.  I’ve been grateful for car and shopping trips with Kristal to get to know her even better – and am so happy to confirm what I already knew – she’s awesome!  (She was even willing to braid my hair, something neither my own sister nor I can do for eachother…:)


Sisterly hair braiding with a doggie in the lap.

Their dog, Dakota, is very well behaved, and great with the kids.  He does some fantastic tricks, and has a sweet face.  

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving together.  I’m thankful that Marty, the boys and I were able to get here to do so, and I’m thankful in advance for the delicious meal I have been watching Kristal plan.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to eat a Turduckin made by a professional!  Reviews to come…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, may you be able to count the blessings in your own life today and every day!


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