An open letter to my classmates….

Dear friends and fellow classmates at Luther – 

I know the past week has been interesting.  Hard.  Upsetting even.  It came without much warning to us that our President was resigning, and this financial deficit we are in is SERIOUS. We saw our president say a tearful goodbye and heard words from the board that seemed almost unfeeling.

I want you to know that there is hope a midst this hard time.  While it’s hard for us to say goodbye to President Bliese, and hard for him to say goodbye to us, our school is doing what it can to help us have a future, to carry on, to even progress in a forward direction.

We can’t know all the details, but we do know that there was no scandal.  We know that we need to do some things differently when it comes to finances.  While we may not know what that will look like, we can know that the board, the staff and faculty of Luther Seminary DO care about us.  They want to give us the best education possible, and equip us to be the future of Christian leadership.

Our future depends on them and their choices, but it also depends on YOU.  Please do listen to the messages of our leaders and voice your questions and concerns.  No matter how trivial, mild, or harsh you think it is, our leaders WANT to hear it.  Even if those concerns have a negative tone.  (Just because we are Christian  doesn’t mean we don’t have ugly feelings.:)

We are training to become leaders of the church, in various capacities, and this is part of that call.  Remember what you are being called to do, why you are in Seminary, and that what you do has an effect on others.  This include telling leadership what is going well, and what needs improvement – bearing in mind that criticisms should come with suggestions!

Blessings to you as we go through this adjustments together.  Again, I plead with you, do not keep concerns and questions silent – there are members of staff, faculty, even student council here to listen and offer what help they can, and build towards a better and stronger future.

Much love,



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