Eve of the End of the World

On this eve of the end of the world,

I left my dishes dirty.
I think, “I won’t have to turn thirty”
I let my son eat two cookies
I blew off that last call from my bookie
I forgot about some bills
I looked around for those pills
I stopped thinking about what’s wrong
I starting singing another song
I worked a bit on present making
I try to plan on tomorrow’s baking…
Wait – I said tomorrow, right?
There’ll be more after tonight?
I don’t know for sure, I’m not God
But last time the world ended, it was Odd.
We woke up that very next day
All the children went to play
I was still looking at those dirty dishes
Making plenty of empty wishes
Knowing the end, now that’s no fun
In these sentiments, I’m not the only one.
We should live life every day
As if it were last anyway
Tomorrow may come, we may all be gone
And I love you too much to go on
Because when I get sentimental
I lose the senti and just get mental.:)


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