Broke – it’s the word of the year (or last several) around our house.  We are broke for good reason – two young children, full time student, home-ownership, paying down old debts – you get the picture.  Now our laptop is broken, with no hope of return, and we are settling into a slightly new reality – and I’m rather amazed at how cool I am with it.

For example – I’m typing this on a computer that is so old I owned it before Marty and I got together – and my parents owned it before that!  It chugs along slowly, can be super frustrating – but it has a keyboard and the internet, and we can get our basics accomplished here, such as bookkeeping, school work, and of course, social networking.

It also means stuff that is a little more crazy.  We are currently starting to raise chickens.  Marty is putting together a backyard coop, and we have about a dozen fertile eggs in the incubator.  We hope to have a few hens who lay fresh eggs, and to butcher the others – though right now I’m terrorized by the butchering stories my mother told me growing up!

I’ll be writing more about our chicken endeavors – so far it’s uneventful.  We have an incubator and eggs.  I’ve marked them on each side, we’ve flipped them once.  I’m TERRIFIED I won’t have the temperature right – and Royce cannot understand why we keep telling him about chickens.  Can’t WAIT to show you his face when he sees the first chicks hatching (if they hatch!)

Peace and Love…