My Little Boy

My little boy…
            A sweet blonde reminder that God is good.
            A beautiful smile to show me love
            An excellent hugger, a comedian at two.

My little boy…

            Inquisitive, intelligent, spelling his name

            Will put away his dishes if mom does the same

            More stubborn than a mule, and his momma, too!

My little boy…

            A tornado of energy leaving mess in its wake

            A dramatic sensibility, with tears at the ready

            A wanna be nudest who takes off clothing in public

My little boy…

            Anxious to make all around him smile

            Ready to get the laundry out of the neat pile

            Patient with others until he can’t do it anymore

My little boy…

            Great eater, great sleeper, tall and beautiful

            Won’t yet use the potty but wants to flush

            All his favorite findings from all over the house

My little boy…

            Crazy, silly laugh, delighted with life

            Will jump on his brother whenever he likes

            Runs circles round anything when it’s time for bed at night.

My little boy…

            Can be so naughty, mom wants to scream

            And still be so sweat, he’s his momma’s dream


My little boy…

            In all his ups and downs

            Is still his momma’s little boy.


            And I love him so.


Right after baby brother came home, caretaking instincts started to show.


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