A rant against the “Skinny Cow.”

I’ve been watching a lot of Hulu lately, and I keep seeing the commercial for “Skinny Cow,” that talks about the “Wocave,” pronounced, “Woah-cah-vay.”  You can see it by clicking this link.

I. Hate. This. *******. Commercial.

I’ve never been one for commercials, but this one, in particular, is extremely frustrating to me. Never mind the fact that it’s promoting chemically filled food, which I have been trying to cut out, it’s just plain offensive.

First of all, Skinny Cow. I know the cow part is supposed to refer to the dairy products, but when they market exclusively to women, they run the risk of it being interpreted as a derogatory name for a heavy woman. Especially when they put skinny in front of it. Hrmph. It just seems not-woman-friendly to me. It may remind me of the fact that I was called, “Steffer-Heifer” when I was younger, and I carry a special frustration with it, but all the same, bad.

Secondly, it adds fuel to the fire that women and men are so distinct that they cannot possibly understand each other, or coexist. Women are refined and need a “classy” place to hide out with a STUPID, made up name; men are slobbering idiots who can’t keep things straight, and spend all their time screwing up and getting on their wives’ nerves.

This commercial is not helping the thought of gender equality. I don’t mean that male and female should be exactly the same, and I don’t even mean that we might not want time away from our spouses – we all need alone time, and that’s good. I just see this commercial as perpetuating the idea that men and women are so unbelievably, bicoastally different, and the “Us vs. Them” fight that seems to be going on is poisoning our society. Not to mention, what about gay and lesbians who might want to enjoy a low-cal dairy treat? What about straight men? Aren’t they allowed a “delicious” treat? (I hear it tastes like cardboard, and that’s from men & women)

We have to pay attention – things like this can teach our children that they should act a certain way based on their physical being. I think particularly of my sons. Should they only be expected to be slobbering, idiotic messes? Am I not allowed to be a slob because I’m a woman? Perhaps we are equal, but it’s time to start giving everyone dignity, and stop labeling bad behaviors as “male” or “female”, and treat each person as a unique person, created and loved by God.

I know, it’s a commercial, I should just get over it…but other people care too! See? Huffington Post Article


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