The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over!

We are going to Cherry Hills Village, CO – a suburb of Denver. Bethany Lutheran Church! We are very excited and are asked to not do too much contact with my congregation before I start. Where we will live and our start date will be determined soon….



It’s Friday, I’m in the coffee shop.  There are so many things to be done – past due assignments, my thesis is due in a few weeks – but what am I doing instead?  Feeling antsy.

We have been told we’ll find out on April 15 where my family and I will be sent on internship – and we are excited and filled with hope for the possibilities.

We are also stressed about them.  We plan to spend a large chunk of the summer camped out in South Dakota at my folks place, and need to plan what to do with our stuff – do we store it because our internship site has furniture?  Do we keep it readily available because our site won’t?  We don’t KNOW!

What about summer plans – for example, our home congregation has planned another trip to our partner congregation in Guatemala – a trip Marty and I would love to go on.  We would need to arrange child care and make sure that my new internship site is ok with me starting a little later than September 1 – but we can’t do that when we don’t KNOW where we are going and who we need to talk to in order to get permission.  Yargh!

I know others have had a tougher time than me – that they have been told none of their sites will be a fit, or to consider one of their lesser liked choices – some have even had to re-interview.  If I remember how little I’ve had to readjust my hopes and expectations, I can convince myself I’m fine.  I’m fine.  I’m fine.


Or I will be after the 15th.

Until then, prayers for peace for me (and others in a time of waiting, including my fellow future interns) are greatly appreciated.