Ode to a Good Husband…

In our Human Sexuality and Christianity class, we listened to Proverbs 31, and heard an Ode to a Good Wife.  We were asked to write an ode of our own – I wrote an ode to my hunnyfish.


There are many who would look upon me

And strong willed closed offedness is all they’d see

You took the time to know me well

And it’s an honor to be able to tell

The whole world how good you have been in this thing

That for so many would start with a ring

Your patience in times when I don’t deserve it

Shows your kindness, your wisdom, your merit

You care for your children with a love so grand

Sometimes I go crazy and want a large clan

You accept me for me even when I am lost

You fix things that are broken and lower our cost

Of living you make things a joy with your laughter

When I thought of husbands, you’re what I sought after

Without even knowing such a man existed

Who worries not about gender roles being lifted

Equality in importance you think of us both

It makes me grateful that we took the oath

To love one another until one of us dies

Until that sad moment, I will be by your side.

I’m grateful God gave me a man such as you

And I hope that I can be half as good to you.



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