What’s wrong with this picture?

Today I had another appointment to have my neck worked on after an accident.
I’ve had a terrible neck since I was young – and this accident has re-wrecked it.
I’m also trying to work on my posture – which in this photo, you can see is just terrible.

Note the hunched nature of shoulders and forward position of head

Note the hunched nature of shoulders and forward position of head

While talking with the chiropractor, he pointed to the fact that the exercises were about posture, and I said when I showed my family how I should be standing, they made fun of me for looking like I was sticking my boobs out.

He said that it’s a real problem for girls – posture turns to garbage once they start to develop. He told me it isn’t even the fact that they cause stress due to heavier weight – it’s that girls are ashamed of their bodies and are slouching to hide their breasts.

I was immediately enraged – I knew he was right!
What I wonder is, why should they be ashamed of their bodies? I appreciate modesty to an extent – please dress in a way that your grandma would be able to look at you without grimacing, but why should a young woman have to feel ashamed about a part of her adulthood? Why can’t she stand up tall and proud without worry of leering eyes or judgement from her peers?

Stand up, ladies – be proud of your God created beauty, and do your best to ignore judgmental or leering glances – you are a loved child of God, and your body – your spine – shouldn’t have to suffer because of a societal judgment!


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