Not speaking well…

I’ve long been worried about Royce’s speech – or lack, thereof.  He’s an intelligent boy – he can take most things apart and put them back together like no one his age should be able to muster, but if you put him in a room with a group of kids his age, it’s clear, he doesn’t sound the same.

The first day I picked Royce up, he didn’t have many words to say – even though his emotions and non-verbal communications were clear to me.  Other children asked me about a million questions about the wrist brace I wore, “Why do you have that?” and weren’t satisfied with a pat answer, “Well what does it do?” they continued to ask, in a conversational tone I am just not used to at my house.

While I know Royce is smart – very smart – I know his verbal skills need help.  We had a check-up today, in which a doctor was FINALLY willing to admit he needs help, and recommend us a place to go.  I’m hopeful this screening gives us answers as to what is going on in his brain, and how we can best help him communicate with us and with others.  I look forward to the journey, even if it’s not a “traditional,” or “Normal” road.  Royce is a beautiful soul with many gifts and I look forward to helping him excel!

I was discouraged to hear that the doctor also thought my two-year-old, Arthur, is also behind in speech.  Comparatively, Arthur has many more words than Royce did at his age, and I wasn’t even worried about it.  Now, I wonder if I’ve been missing something, some warning sign – and it feels terrible.

It’s hard to be a parent.  There’s the agony and pain of pregnancy and childbirth, the sleepless nights of infancy, the mess and craziness of toddler years, and now, for us anyways, the pain of cognitive development not matching the “national standards”.  I’m hopeful our boys won’t spend too much time struggling, and we can help them thrive.  I’m hopeful I can focus on the beauty and joy both boys bring to our lives, rather than the struggles I  know most parents go through.

One thing I know for certain is I love them and I will do whatever I can to make sure they have happy and fulfilling lives.  They are beautiful children, created by God in his image, and I’m grateful for the gift they are in my life!


3 thoughts on “Not speaking well…

  1. One thing to remember is that it is about growth against his own standard. He may never catchup to the national standard for his age, but that doesn’t mean giving up nor does that mean he won’t thrive. It just means knowing there is a difference that others (especially teachers) need to be aware of so they too can give him the best support possible in his growth.

  2. You are a great mom! This is what early childhood and preschool are all about, integrating our kids with others and finding out information and working with professionals for kindergarten readiness. I don’t think people really talk about all the delays and special help a lot of kids need before kindergarten. You are not alone. It’s amazing to have watched so many kiddos 0-5 years and see their struggles and growth. Royce is very smart, curious, kind, and loving. His verbals will catch up and I am happy you have a doctor who is able to help. That also surprises me about Arthur, as I find him very verbal. National standards are a good measuring tool, but they aren’t everything. One of my favourite things about you as a mom is that you teach grace. You live it. And that is so beautiful for both the boys. 🙂 love you!

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