Yet I wonder

Today I was driving through an intersection.

I had the right of way, my light was green.

An elder gentleman waiting at the red light perpendicular to me decided to turn right, into my path.

I was able to slow down, but I honked to let him know I was there.

He flipped me off.

Now I know he was the one who made the mistake.  I know it was ok for me to honk to let him know I was there.  I know he was probably upset and flustered and that’s why he did it.

And yet, I wonder, what I did wrong to upset him.

I feel responsible for keeping everyone happy – a pathological need, probably stemming from socially imposed gender norms and my own insecurities.

But sometimes, people get angry at you for reasons you can’t control.

I shouldn’t feel bad.

And yet I wonder….


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