We shout crucify…

Reading the passion

You realize

We continue to fashion

Ways to crucify


Over and over again

In our history there

Isn’t one point when

We stopped hurting

The poorest among we,

We elect power grabbing

Leaders who continue

To hurt thee,


In children with poisonous water

Chemicals, bombs, refusal

To feed and serve those we deem

Do not deserve

We kill you again and again

Oh God

We never stop our

Evil actions

Oppressing black family

Drawing factions

Stealing and poisoning land

Belonging to first nations

We let money drive us

Greed rule us

Satan enters us

We kiss our Lord with worship

And tonight he breathes no more…


Just Words…

If those were just words

How can we trust you?

At any point you’ll just jerk the rug…

I have to assume

if those were just words

You don’t mean anything

You’ve said at all…


I’m Sorry

I’m not proud

There are bigger issues…

What bigger issue could there be

for HALF of the world

than personal safety

from Underlings like you?

An outrage – I’m angry

But I was before

When you said that to immigrants

You’d leave SHUT the door.

I’m tired of your words

Because who knows which ones count.

Energy wasted on you’s an affront.

To my life, to my faith – to my dignity.

Justice belongs to every race, creed and gender identity.

And you can bet that I won’t be quiet that you won’t get a vote

from me..


When your body’s broken

& if you can’t speak

I will still be with you.

I’ll try not to 

let my plans get in the way.

God is here

God loves you; he forgives you.

Peace, please feel his peace.

If you weren’t able

to use your body

as it was meant

know God is there and loves you.

Peace, please feel his peace.

You face unknown

& it might feel scary

but all will be well

God is here.

God loves you – he forgives you.

Peace, please feel his peace.

When you look back,

I hope you don’t feel regrets

even the faithless and hopeless

have God.

God is here

God forgives you – and loves you.

Peace, please feel his peace.

When that time comes

& You close your eyes

Please do not worry

if I start to cry.

God is here, 

God loves us – he forgives us.

Peace.  Feel his heavenly peace.

My Little Boy

My little boy…
            A sweet blonde reminder that God is good.
            A beautiful smile to show me love
            An excellent hugger, a comedian at two.

My little boy…

            Inquisitive, intelligent, spelling his name

            Will put away his dishes if mom does the same

            More stubborn than a mule, and his momma, too!

My little boy…

            A tornado of energy leaving mess in its wake

            A dramatic sensibility, with tears at the ready

            A wanna be nudest who takes off clothing in public

My little boy…

            Anxious to make all around him smile

            Ready to get the laundry out of the neat pile

            Patient with others until he can’t do it anymore

My little boy…

            Great eater, great sleeper, tall and beautiful

            Won’t yet use the potty but wants to flush

            All his favorite findings from all over the house

My little boy…

            Crazy, silly laugh, delighted with life

            Will jump on his brother whenever he likes

            Runs circles round anything when it’s time for bed at night.

My little boy…

            Can be so naughty, mom wants to scream

            And still be so sweat, he’s his momma’s dream


My little boy…

            In all his ups and downs

            Is still his momma’s little boy.


            And I love him so.


Right after baby brother came home, caretaking instincts started to show.

Eve of the End of the World

On this eve of the end of the world,

I left my dishes dirty.
I think, “I won’t have to turn thirty”
I let my son eat two cookies
I blew off that last call from my bookie
I forgot about some bills
I looked around for those pills
I stopped thinking about what’s wrong
I starting singing another song
I worked a bit on present making
I try to plan on tomorrow’s baking…
Wait – I said tomorrow, right?
There’ll be more after tonight?
I don’t know for sure, I’m not God
But last time the world ended, it was Odd.
We woke up that very next day
All the children went to play
I was still looking at those dirty dishes
Making plenty of empty wishes
Knowing the end, now that’s no fun
In these sentiments, I’m not the only one.
We should live life every day
As if it were last anyway
Tomorrow may come, we may all be gone
And I love you too much to go on
Because when I get sentimental
I lose the senti and just get mental.:)